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Glass Pitcher Recall

Teavana is voluntarily recalling the Tristan Glass Pitcher (Style Number: 30593000064, SKU# 11034874). This 64 oz. infuser/pitcher serves as both a tea brewer and serving pitcher. It is made of borosilicate glass with a stainless steel infuser. The lid and base are made of flexible silicone. This pitcher was sold in a box and has the Teavana logo on the bottom. There is only one model of this product.

Completing this form will result in you receiving a return kit consisting of a box, bubble wrap, label, packing slip and return instructions. On the packing slip, please indicate whether you would like a free replacement 66 oz. infusion tea pitcher plus a $25 Teavana gift card, or a Teavana gift card for the purchase price plus tax.

*One or more required fields are missing.

Based on the information provided, this registration already exists. If you feel this is an error, please call 888-665-0463 for further assistance.

Please enter a valid City/State/Postal combination.


*I confirm that I have read the above information and understand which units are affected by the voluntary recall. I confirm I am requesting a return kit for only affected units.


If you have more than two pitchers to return, or have any questions, please call our hotline toll-free at (888) 665-0463 

from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday (or other

times to leave a message).

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